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10 Golden Rules of Stock Trading

Many investors think that stock market tips are good enough to jump into trading. They might be if you don’t mind ending up with huge losses when things don’t go as expected. But if you do want to make some decent money trading stocks, there are a few golden rules you will have to follow. Here are ten of those:

Rule #1: Never Follow the Herd

Getting influenced by the actions of others is one behavior most of us can’t avoid. If everyone around is investing in a certain stock, we do the same. If someone we know is selling a certain stock, we blindly follow the trail without understanding the reason behind such action. This definitely isn’t a good practice. Doing your homework is crucial while trading in stocks.

Rule #2: Always take informed decisions

As you may have read through in many stock market tips, proper research is very crucial while investing in stocks. Nevertheless, not many investors take the time to do this research. The industry or the name of the company is all that they look at while buying stocks. The result – more often than not they end up losing their money.

Rule #3: Don’t invest in a business if you don’t understand it

Buying stocks is all about buying businesses. If you do not understand the business that the company is in, you should never buy its stock. It is fine if you miss out on a few winners. But you should be able to understand how a certain company makes its profits and how it differs from its competition, before putting your money on it.

Rule #4: Never time the market

Most investors end up losing money by trying to time the market. That is something you should never do, considering how volatile the stock market is. Instead you should try and stay invested for as long as you can unless there is a major drawdown in the market.

Rule #5: Follow a disciplined approach

Only those investors who follow a disciplined approach to select the right shares and hold on to their investments patiently manage to generate outstanding returns in stock trading. Always keep the big picture in mind.

Rule #6: Keep your emotions away

While the lure of quick wealth can be very difficult to resist in a bull market, the fear that a bear market creates can be intolerable for many. It is often these emotions that come in the way of creating wealth, making investors burn their fingers badly.

Rule #7: Diversify your portfolio

Portfolio diversification across instruments and asset classes can help you earn optimal returns on your investments, while keeping your risks minimized. However, the level of diversification you choose depends entirely on your capacity to take risks.

Rule #8: Make sure your expectations are realistic

Hoping for the best is good when it comes to investing in stocks. But your financial goals should be based on realistic assumptions. There may be times when you may have made more than 50 percent profits by following some great stock market tips. But this cannot happen always. Ideally the kind of returns that you expect from your investments must be 12 percent or less. Else you might be inviting trouble.

Rule #9: Invest in stock trading only if you have surplus funds

There are chances that you can make some good money in stock trading. But you can’t be hundred percent sure of this. So it is always better to invest only when you have surplus funds that you can afford to lose.

Rule #10: Monitor Rigorously and Stock market tips

Anything can impact the stock market. Hence it is important to monitor your portfolio constantly. If you can’t do this by yourself you could hire a good financial planner to do it for you.
Successful stock trading is not just about following stock market tips. You will have to spend a lot of time understanding the stock market and doing your research. In case you cannot invest this kind of time, the best option would be to sign up for our RSI package. Get in touch with our experts to find out how this works.