Options Intraday Platinum 18231 Per Month
  • 1 Ideas Daily Basis
  • Minimum Investment 30k
  • Daily Average Profit 3-4k
  • Get up to 80-90% accuracy

Options Positional 12154 Per Month
  • 2-3 Ideas on a Weekly Basis
  • Holding Period 2-3 days
  • 200-300% Return on Investment amt
  • Get up to 85-90% Accuracy

Options Intraday PPI 36462
  • Get 1 idea per day
  • Minimum investment 1 Lac.
  • Minimum profit Rs 5000 to Rs 10000
  • Accuracy upto 80% to 85%
  • Get 4 to 5 complimentary ideas per month from Dr. Nikhil Baljekar.
  • Packages to remain active till 20 positive ideas are delivered
  • At best, for 20 Positive Ideas takes minimum 24 Trading Days however for every negative ideas your services gets extended.
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I have been actively trading on the advice of RSI since last 2 weeks , the stock positional tips are very good , plus the support from the team is fabulous. Keep up good work

Keshava Rai

Just renewed my subscription with Real Stock Ideas, because they having been making daily trades safe and a profitable business , won’t mind giving you more references.

Swati Seti

Great Ideas in Stock & Index, to be precise I made Rs 2 lac In just 20 trading session. Big thank you to all at Real Stock Ideas

Sree Jeevan

Good services & Accuracy. I have been a victim of wrong advice’s in past , Now I strongly recommendation Real Stock Ideas , to ones who is not making money is stock market.

Rajeev S.Goswami

Every morning, across the world, serious investors wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is have a look at the Stock Option to get an idea of where will the market move today as compared with the previous day’s close.

Stock Option Tips

Looking for Stock Option Tips with minimum premium risk? We are Real Stock Ideas a Investment Advisory, have ideal solution for you. Real Stock Ideas also provides Stock Option Tips, Call option, Put Option, Option Intraday Tips, and much more.

Benefits of Trading in Options

If you are looking for a way to optimize your risk-adjusted returns, you have to try your hand at option trading, of course once you are armed with some great option tips. So what is it that makes option trading better than the traditional stock trading? The benefits are many and a few of those are explained below:

Low investment

If you want to make some good returns with low investment, option trading is for you. If you diligently follow option tips, you can reduce your costs significantly by taking your position in options. For instance, if you want to buy 12,000 shares of a company called ABC Ltd., priced at Rs.130 each, you don’t have to invest Rs.1560000 (12000 x 130). You only have to invest a small percentage of the share price. For example, if the company has quoted Rs.5 as the Rs.130 call option for a lot size of 6000 shares, you will end up paying Rs.60000 for 12000 shares (6000 x 5 x 2). This is less than 4% of the investment that you will have to make in stock trading.

Low risk

Since the amount that you are investing in options is lower than what you might invest in stocks, your risks would be limited, even if you were to lose the entire money. For instance, in the above example of ABC Ltd, if for some reason the stock price falls down to Rs.110.50 from Rs.130, you would lose about Rs.234000 if you had bought the stock. Nevertheless, with options you are only losing the Rs.60000 that was your entire investment amount.

High percentage of returns

The percentage of returns that you can get by investing in options is a lot higher than that of the stocks. For instance if the options price of ABC Ltd were to rise by 80% of stock price and if the stock moves up to Rs.13, you end up getting 10% returns if you invest in stocks. Nevertheless, in options you are getting Rs.10.40 against the Rs.5 investment that you made per share. So the percentage of returns here is 208% when compared to the 10% of stock trading.

Helps you make profit even in adverse market condition

The main advantage of options trading is that you can alter your strategy as per the market condition. So you can actually make money whether the market is bullish or bearish. The best thing is that you can reduce your risks through hedging. For instance let us assume you have purchased the stock of ABC Ltd at Rs.100, and the current price is Rs.125. In this scenario you would have made a profit of 25%. Now what if the market has soon entered a turbulent phase? You will be losing all the money that you earned. However, by hedging your position, you can easily limit your downside even during an adverse market condition. All you need to do is buy an ATM put option for the same quantity. Following option tips should help you here.

Option Tips to earn income from existing portfolio

In options trading you don’t actually have to sell your existing shares to earn some returns. You can exercise what is called the covered call writing. For instance let us assume you have bought 7000 shares of ABC Ltd at Rs.130 each. You may want to hold this stock as it might be giving you some handsome returns. Now let’s say the stock has been consolidated and as per the option tips, it is tough for the stock price to reach the 135 level. Then all you need to do is write 135 call option of that series for say Rs.4. You will end up making an extra income of Rs.28000 (7000 x 4) in case the stock closes below Rs.135. If it doesn’t you always have your stock with you.
Options trading can be very advantageous for even those traders who do not have too much money to invest. However, achieving success every time you trade in options takes a lot more than just following the option tips. Buying our options package can help you play it safe, while increasing your returns.

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