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I have been actively trading on the advice of RSI since last 2 weeks , the stock positional tips are very good , plus the support from the team is fabulous. Keep up good work

Keshava Rai

Just renewed my subscription with Real Stock Ideas, because they having been making daily trades safe and a profitable business , won’t mind giving you more references.

Swati Seti

Great Ideas in Stock & Index, to be precise I made Rs 2 lac In just 20 trading session. Big thank you to all at Real Stock Ideas

Sree Jeevan

Good services & Accuracy. I have been a victim of wrong advice’s in past , Now I strongly recommendation Real Stock Ideas , to ones who is not making money is stock market.

Rajeev S.Goswami

Why it makes sense to trade in Index Futures?

More and more people have started out looking for index future tips with the popularity of index future trading increasing by the day. Apart from keeping the risks minimized, index future trading also helps traders make better profits. There are many benefits that make index future trading worthwhile.

Index futures give you a consolidated view

Diversifying your portfolio is a must if you want to minimize your risks and maximize your profits in stock trading. Index future trading offers a natural approach to such diversification. For instance, if you are interesting in buying banking stocks, you wouldn’t have to worry about the valuation issues or the NPA concerns of certain specific banks, since you would be looking at the entire sector of banking. You would be benefiting by investing in Bank Nifty Futures and participating in the up movement of the banks. That’s not all. By paying a marginal cost you could even roll over your position every month.

Index futures help both long-term and short-term trading

Short-selling bank stocks might be a problem unless you are into intraday trading. Bank-specific risks can make it difficult for many who may be looking to sell stock futures of specific banks. The only answer then is to sell index futures of bank Nifty, after going through a couple of index future tips. This will leave you with no ambiguity whatsoever, especially if you happen to have a negative outlook of the Indian banking market, as a whole.

Your trading margins would be low in case of index futures

Futures trading is all about trading on margins. Nevertheless, when you compare the margins on individual stocks, the margins on indices such as Bank Nifty and Nifty would be way lower. As a combination of stocks Index offers natural diversification which lowers the margin and the risks. The amount that would be locked in would also be low.

Index Futures make hedging risks possible

Hedging risks is crucial when it comes to portfolio management. Whenever there is a temporary fall in the prices of stocks, often the only option you may have is to hold on to your portfolio. But index futures might change it all. You can actually hedge your risks by selling Nifty Futures. Not only will you be able to book profits on Nifty futures, you can also reduce the average cost of holding your equity while the market is going down. So you can expect to be in a better position, three months later, provided you follow the index future tips correctly.

You can limit your liquidity risks by trading in index futures

More often than not it is the issues with liquidity that make you short sell your stocks or stock futures. However, there is no chance of you getting stuck into liquidity risks if you trade in index futures. This makes index futures a very safe option.

Index Future tips make diversification easier

When holding on to a predominantly financial portfolio, you might want to increase your safety by adding in FMCG and IT sectors in case RBI happens to hike up the rates. Now if you are to buy these stocks for a short term, you will have to also think about your investment outlays and fund lock-ups. Such problems can be easily avoided by adding IT index and FMCG index futures to your portfolio. This way you will be structurally diversifying your portfolio, while avoiding risks and minimizing your investment outlays.
When it comes to lowering risks and maximizing returns, Index future trading can be highly advantageous. If you are looking for some genuine index future tips that can get you some serious profits, you may want to try our Index Future HNI services. Get in touch with our experts for more information on this.