Equity Int Regular Package 12154 Per Month
  • Get Ideas For BTST + Intraday + Short Term
  • 3-4 Ideas on a Daily Basis
  • Get up to 75-80 Accuracy

Cash Intraday
Premium Services
60770 Per Month
  • Get 1 - 2 Heavy Momentum Tips in this services
  • Get 3 - 4 JackPot tips in a Month
  • Get Live Support from Customer Service Officers
  • Get Complimentary BTST & SHORT TERM tips
  • Get Complimentary ideas from leading techinal Analyst in India

Cash Intraday PPI 24308
  • 1 Idea on a daily basis with proper Sl/TGT
  • Package will be Active till 40 Positive ideas is delivered
  • At best, for 40 Positive Ideas takes minimum 45 Trading Days however for every negative ideas your services gets extended
  • Follow ups & all important news from your Relationship Manager
  • Get up to 85-90% Accuracy
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I have been actively trading on the advice of RSI since last 2 weeks , the stock positional tips are very good , plus the support from the team is fabulous. Keep up good work

Keshava Rai

Just renewed my subscription with Real Stock Ideas, because they having been making daily trades safe and a profitable business , won’t mind giving you more references.

Swati Seti

Great Ideas in Stock & Index, to be precise I made Rs 2 lac In just 20 trading session. Big thank you to all at Real Stock Ideas

Sree Jeevan

Good services & Accuracy. I have been a victim of wrong advice’s in past , Now I strongly recommendation Real Stock Ideas , to ones who is not making money is stock market.

Rajeev S.Goswami

Equity Intraday Trading Tips Packages

As a beginner to online stock trading, you can start with basic Equity Intraday Trading using our Equity Packages.

The Golden Rules of Intraday Trading

Every intraday trader wants to make lots of money using theequity intraday tips that he receives. However, not all traders manage to do so. One of the main reasons behind this is that they may not be aware of the basic rules of intraday trading.
Mentioned below, are a few golden rules of intraday trading, following which you can maximize your profits while keeping your risks minimized:

Rule #1: Pick only the stocks that are best suited for day trading

Not all stocks fit the purpose of intraday trading. See what your equity intraday tips recommend for the day and pick the best one after following the market trends. Sector specific stocks with high liquidity and a reasonable amount of volatility is your best bet when it comes to intraday trading.

Rule #2: Set your Entry, Exit and Stop Prices

The very first thing that an intraday trader needs to do is set his entry price, exit price, and escape price. This strategy can help him maximize his returns while limiting his risks of losses. You will have to take an informed decision after following the current trends of the stock market.

Rule #3: Use the Money that you can afford to lose

Day trading can be very risky. One wrong trade and you can end up losing a lot of money within just a few minutes. If it is the money that you are keeping to pay your bills, it is better not to use it for day trading. Always start small and work your way up.

Rule #4: Use limit orders instead of market orders

Market orders are executed at the market price while limit orders are executed at the minimum and maximum prices that you set for your trades. Using limit orders will help you control your risks and maximize your returns.

Rule #5: Always perform your research and analysis

You may have signed up for a service that offers you exclusive equity intraday tips. But if you don’t do your research and analysis, you cannot succeed in intraday trading. Technology has made it very easy for today’s traders to get research and analysis reports for any stock of their choice, within minutes. All you need to do is take a look at these reports before picking up the stocks.

Rule #6: Maintain proper records of your trades

You need to keep all records of your trade performance reports. By doing so you will be able to learn from your mistakes and monitor the efficiency of your trading strategies.

Rule #7: Refrain from trading daily

Yes stock market opens every day; but that doesn’t mean you have to trade every day. Make your position only when you would like to do so.

Rule #8: Don’t let your emotions control your decisions

Many traders end up making wrong decisions in intraday trading because of the fear of losing money. You will have to follow the trends carefully and take your decisions, without getting driven by such emotions.

Rule #9: Use only few scripts at one time Equity Intraday Tips

If you are using scripts (certificates that you can exchange for a fractional share of stocks) for day trading it is better to limit them to just a few. This is one of the best practices of intraday trading.

Rule #10: Always make use of strict stop loss orders

Considering the volatile nature of the stock market, it is always better to use the right stop loss order while trading in stocks. This will help you cut your losses, even if you make wrong decisions.
Equity intraday tips may give you good suggestions about the stocks you need to pick. But following the above rules is crucial if you are trying to achieve long-term success in intraday trading. It may not be possible to make profits every day in intraday trading; but it is sure possible to cut down your losses , Equity Intraday Tips.

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